The Magic Pill


If there was a “magic pill” that was proven to reduce your chances of:

  • Getting breast cancer by 25%
  • Struggling with depression by 30%
  • Dying too soon by 30%
  • Experiencing heart disease by 40%
  • And suffering from diabetes by 50%

Would you take your "medicine”?

Well, the good news according to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Report published in February 2015 is that a “magic pill” does exist. It’s called “exercise”. Just 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week will do the trick.

Will you let MediCare sponsor you?

We will be happy to reimburse you if you go to your local YMCA for the following:

  1. A blood pressure check
  2. An exercise assessment and the development of your personal exercise program by a trained professional

To qualify, all you need to do is contact us for a FREE PERSONAL INFO PACK on how MediCare can make sure that your health problems don’t become financial problems by paying your medical bills and making sure that you get an income if you are too sick to work. We will need to have a chat to you first so that can make sure that the info pack we provide is relevant and tailor made to meet to your needs. We simply don’t believe that “one size fits all”!

So, tell us how we can help you.