The Public Health benefits in New Zealand


If you are eligible, you will receive the following services from the Public Health System:

FREE GP visits for children up to the age of 13

FREE dental treatment for children up until age 18

FREE maternity services

Heavily subsidised pharmaceuticals. Usually you will usually pay a maximum of $15 per prescribed item. Many drugs are FREE after 20 scripts per year. You will normally receive a 3-month supply at a time for ongoing medications required for conditions like hypertension etc.

FREE old age nursing home care (eligibility rules apply) and generous home support is provided so that the elderly can remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

FREE HIV care and drugs

FREE emergency services and intensive care

FREE surgery if your problem is either immediately life threatening or is so serious that it simply can’t be put off (i.e. acute surgical conditions)

FREE “elective” surgery for non-acute conditions is also available but severely rationed. “Elective Surgery” is defined as an operation that can wait for 7+ days before it needs to be scheduled. The average wait time for elective surgery in the Public Health Sector is 304 days – that is if you are lucky enough to get on the waiting list.

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